flyer2015-1Welcome to Fife Wargames.  We’ve got regular games taking place every fortnight throughout the year, which you’re welcome to come and join in.

If you’ve never played airsoft, you’re in for a treat, and if you’ve already given it a go, you know just how much fun it is.

Some of you may be lucky enough to have a voucher giving you money off – just book into one of our games online, and bring the voucher with you to get your discount.

If you’ve got any questions, check out our Facebook Page, or send us an email– we’ll be happy to answer any queries.

Thinking of booking a private game for you and your mates? Email us and we’ll arrange something – Prices start at just £40 per person for a 24-36 player group with UNLIMITED AMMO, but if there’s only a few of you, we can take groups as small as 12.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Groupon codes are now active.  Please ensure you book a place for each person on your ticket.

Groupon vouchers will be accepted at our events from 26th October onwards, but you MUST book online to ensure there are enough rifles available for hire – please don’t just turn up on the day.

I’ll update this post once we’ve spoken to Groupon and worked out the online booking system.

If you have any questions, please email us at or send a message through our Facebook page:
– Oli


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Airsoft every fortnight at Crail!


We play every fortnight on a Sunday at Crail airfield.
Take a look at the upcoming events on the right of the home page to find out when we’re next playing.
Green fees are just £20, and rifle hire starts at £15.  Biodegradable BBs only, with ammo, pyro and CO2 bulbs to buy at our on site shop. If you need a hire gun, please register using the Upcoming Events page.

See you soon!

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Sunday June 9, 2013 – Sunday June 9, 2013

View MapMap and Directions | Register


A fine day of airsoft for one and all.

Gates open at 8:45.
Safety briefing at 10 and then the fun begins.
Games should run until around 4:30.

If you require a hire rifle please register below to ensure that we have one for you on the day.

Any questions please contact .

Full list of rules can be found here.
And full list of prices can be found here.


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Night Shoot

Saturday May 4, 2013 – Sunday May 5, 2013

View MapMap and Directions | Register


You’ll need your wits, and your torches!

We’re going to open the gates at 8pm, and kick off the games at 9pm.
The plan is to play through until at least 1am, if you can hack it.

Because the site is more confusing and difficult to navigate at night, we will insist that no newbies attend this event, you must have played with us a few times and be comfortable with the layout of our site. There will be no hires available.

By popular demand we are insisting on midcap magazines, no high caps allowed. The up side to this is that midcaps won’t rattle giving you away in the dark, you will need all the stealth you can get.

The games we are planning will be kept simple and relatively short so as to keep the dark chaos to a minimum.

So that we can be sure that we are prepared for as many players as we get, we ask that you register below.


The green fee will be £20, payable at sign in.
We will have tracer BBs on sale to help you paint the night green.


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Going Green

We have decided to be a little more environmentally friendly here at Fife Wargames, so we are switching to biodegradable BBs.

We have already started stocking a couple of brands, and the prices are about the same. For example the 0.25g Biosphere BBs cost just £12 for 4000 (£11 for members), that is the same price per BB as you used to pay for 0.25g Blaster BBs (£9 for 3000) and they meet the same high standards for quality and performance.

Of course, players are welcome to bring their own ammunition so long as it is biodegradable, but we are confident that we’re offering great value with the pricing on our new products.

The bio-only rule will come into effect in one month’s time (1st May 2013).


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Has it been three years already?

We’ve just celebrated our third birthday!
It’s been three years since we first came to look round the former HMS Jackdaw; Three whole years since our imaginations were first kicked into overdrive by the scale of the site, and the potential it offered; 156 weeks of hard work starting Fife Wargames, promoting the site, developing the game zones and working on the game scenarios.

The Town Hall, as we first found it, in May 2011

And what a time it’s been! We have increased our arsenal of hire rifles to a staggering 32 and bought far more pyro than can ever have been deemed sensible…
So to celebrate our birthday, we co-hosted a weekend of airsoft, and invited everyone in the country!
On Saturday 7th July, we played at Crail, and the following day, went down to Airsoft Edinburgh – check out the event page for more details.
Loads of people have asked about night games, and camping on site, and up until now, we haven’t been insured for these types of events, but our new insurance policy is much more in depth, and so now we can start planning for 24+ hour events!

New Membership scheme to save you money!

Fife Wargames patch design

Unfortunately, all the developments over the last year have come at a cost, and although we have tried very hard to bring you the best value BBs and Pyro from all over the country, some of our suppliers have gone under and we are having trouble sourcing the same brands at the same price as before.
So from July 22nd onwards, our prices are going to have to increase slightly.  BUT!  Having spoken with a few of our regular players, we have decided to implement a membership scheme, in which members get a discount on BBs and pyro, and a few other perks still to be decided.  See below for details.
We will continue to try and keep our prices as low as possible, and you’ll see more development on site in the coming months – just look out for advertised build days, and remember that if you help us on a build day, you’ll get a day’s airsoft for free in return.
Prices from 22nd 2012 July onwards
Green Fee: £20
Rifle Hire: £15 (includes battery and mask- you just need to buy ammo)
Annual Membership £10 – members’ price in brackets
3000 x 0.2g Blaster = £8 (£7)
3000 x 0.25 Blaster = £9 (£8)
5000 x 0.2g bio = £12 (£11)
6000 x 0.2g Blaster = £14 (£12)
Mk5 flashbang = £3 (£2.50)
Mk6 flashbang = £3 (£2.50)
90s smoke = £2.50 (£2)
EG ringpull smoke = £3 (£2.50)
Products are subject to availability – we may not always have all items in stock, and other products will be offered as they become available, but we will offer similar discounts to members.

See you at Crail!

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It’s all happening over at Facebook

It seems most people are on Facebook these days, and so that’s where we upload all our photos, and where we promote events.
This website is for booking yourself onto our events, and hiring a rifle, should you need one. You’ll find the links to events on the right —->

Have you heard about our upcoming Big Scottish Weekender?  Take a look at THIS PAGE for more info!

See you at airsoft soon!

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New Promo video is live…

Our promo video which we shot in February is now complete, and is available on Youtube!

We’re all really pleased with it, and hope you will be too.  You’ll be able to see it soon on our Youtube Channel (click) – Please let us know what you think on our Facebook page (click).


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April First – Fancy Dress Airsoft Day!

April Fool’s day will see another of our regular airsoft game days, but this time there’ll be a little twist – Fancy Dress!

Start thinking of costume ideas now – the best costume will receive a prize – but bear in mind this simple dress code: Non military (so dressing up as a soldier won’t count…)

Join the discussion on our Facebook page: Fife Wargames – Paintball and Airsoft in Fife

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