Dynatex Dominator – Impact BFG


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Dynatex ‘Dominator’ blank firing impact grenade

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From the original makers of the blank firing grenade, the ‘Dominator’ is the impact version capable of using .209 primers


  • – The tough plastic outer shell
  • – Lightweight
  • – Metal internals and hard-wearing pin
  • – Comes with both .209 tops

Dimensions: 54mm x 90mm (102mm with top on)

The Dynatex Dominator blank firing grenade is easy to use and requires no tools to reset the grenade after each use.
Simply put the pin in first, then place the blank in the desired top and screw it onto the body.

As the grenade hits a hard surface, it will knock the pin and set the blank off. It can be thrown at any angle towards a door, wall, floor, tree, filing cabinet etc and will set the blank off, just don’t throw it into mud or grass as it may be too soft an impact to deploy effectively.

Although the outer shell is plastic, the performance possibilities are greatly increased as it is lighter weight, safer to use if thrown towards other players and still as tough as its metal counterparts.

Should your Dynatex product ever fail for whatever reason, contact us to arrange a repair or replacement.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 8 cm