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The NEW “Pulse Armaments B1” is the most anticipated and desired Blank Firing Grenade of all airsofters and tactical operators alike.
Offering all of the usual features of simple, rugged design that you can rely on, the B1 mixes ease of operation with adjustable timing. Lightweight and compact, B1 allows the user to fit the grenade almost anywhere in their loadout and at a moment’s notice can deploy the grenade.
With the ability to endlessly adjust timing, B1 can be used as a 0.01 second tripwire mine, a 1 second flash bang, a 5 second frag grenade, or a 10 second bug out distraction grenade so that whatever your requirements, B1 is the grenade for you!
Any grenade lover will tell you about the benefits of having a grenade in your arsenal. However, with B1, you have the option of using one grenade in 4 or more different scenarios. The only limit is your imagination! There is nothing stopping you setting a long timer, tying a piece of string around the device and lowering it down a stairwell to surprise the enemy below without giving them a head injury. No more worrying about whether your impact grenade will set off, just set your B1 timing to a desired time and slide it round the corner giving the enemy no time to escape, unlike other timed devices that give your enemy enough time to make a brew.
For those of you who are worried about noise restrictions, B1 uses the much loved .209 Shotgun Primer which delivers a positive bang without waking the dead.

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Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 cm


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