SWAT VTG – Versatile Timed Grenade


Versatile Timed blank firing grenade (VTG BFG) – 4 second timer activated by pulling the pin and releasing the spoon.
Compatible with .209 shotshell primers, 9mm blank or 12gage shotgun blank.

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Some variations are on backorder – arriving early February (delayed due to Brexit).  Please ask if you have any questions about supply.  Note – this can only be shipped via UPS (which should only be around £4 more than other services).

The SWAT VTG has been an integral part of many airsofters’ loadouts, and for good reason – it’s reliable and it’s very cost effective.

Pull the pin, deploy your blank firing grenade into the room and 4 seconds later… BANG!
No giveaway hiss of a fuse, no risk of being caught out by line-of-sight of your own grenade.

The SWAT VTG – Versatile Timed Grenade has a safety pin and spoon handle – pull the pin, and once the spoon is released, there’s four seconds before the pin strikes the charge.

In the box:

  • VTG – Versatile Timed Grenade
  • Loading rod / priming tool
  • Instructions
  • .209 primer adapter
  • 9mm blank adapter (requires 9mm blank with 10mm dia extractor ring)
  • 12 gage blank adapter (short: 1″)

Available in a range of colours: tan, olive, black, yellow, blue, bright pink and pholume (glow in the dark).

Contact me about customising your BFG – the Deadpool VTG is a popular option; each one painted by hand.

Custom Deadpool design:
Extra colours in production; due approximately January 2021.

Additional information

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 cm

Black, Blue, Custom design, Deadpool, Hot Pink, Olive, Orange, Pholume (glow), Tan, Yellow


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