We have a qualified First Aider on site for all games, and at the beginning of every game day there will be a safety briefing which everyone must attend to be allowed to play.  We have public liability insurance for up to £2m (though we’ve never needed to make a claim).

Failure to abide by these rules may result in you being asked to leave the current game, or in more serious cases you may be asked to leave the site altogether.

-The minimum age to play is 12 years old. Players under 16 must be accompanied on site by an adult (who can either play, observe, or snooze in the car). Under 18s must be signed in by an adult.

-Our Airfield site is full of lots of old buildings, some of which are off-limits for safety reasons, these will be clearly marked and boundaries will be defined before each game.

-Some buildings still have their windows intact, it is not safe to fire through a broken pane if there is still glass around, as your target may return fire and break glass towards you. We have removed some window panes completely in strategic positions for you to shoot through.

-Out here in the country there is a lot of wildlife and livestock, so you might see rabbits, hares, deer, cattle, sheep, etc. on or around the site. Please do not use them for target practice, anyone shooting at animals will be asked to leave the site immediately as you will be compromising our agreement with the land owner.

-Safety is our highest priority, and so while any game is in process you should never remove your mask (or goggles). Even when the game is over and people are gathering you must keep your protective equipment on until you are told it is safe by a marshal, this will be when all guns have magazines removed, chambers cleared and safeties on.

-When you are hit you must shout “Hit”, raise your hand above your head and stand up, while you are dead you may not communicate apart from to tell people you are dead. It is not acceptable to shoot someone if it is obvious they are already dead, but we understand that accidents do happen so try not to get too upset if you are shot while dead.

-Throughout the day marshals will carry out honesty shots. This will involve them shooting a player to test if they are playing by the rules, if the player takes the hit the marshal will immediately let them back into the game, if they fail to take the hit they will be asked to sit out the game and will be tested again later. If the player claims they didn’t feel the hit they will be asked to remove some layers until they can feel any shots.

-While cheating will not be tolerated, we feel a similar way about cheat-calling. Remember that the weapons have limited range, and while it may look on target it could easily fall short or miss either side at a distance, keep shooting or try and advance on their position to be sure you’re hitting the target. If you are absolutely sure, you should let a marshal know and they will check.

Safety on site
Always obey the marshals’ instructions.
Keep away from wildlife and livestock on site – do not frighten or shoot at anything except other airsoft participants.
Stay out of buildings marked with hazard tape, red paint or white barriers.
Out site has been visited by Fife Council’s Environmental Health Officer and checked for various Health & Safety issues. View report: H&S letter Fife War Games Crail Airfield
We have also invited officials to test for asbestos, and while there is some on site (roofing panels), this poses no serious risk. Some wall panels have been identified as asbestos, and these also pose no risk while they remain intact. The officials who visited the site are satisfied that there is no significant risk to players or staff.

Site limits for Airsoft
312 fps (feet per second, using 0.25g BBs) for any gun capable of full auto (350fps for 0.2gBB)
445 fps sniper, using 0.25gBB, equivalent to 500fps with 0.2g BB(minimum engagement 25 metres)
Single shot only inside buildings.