Fife Wargames provides airsoft experiences for everyone from beginner to pro.

With over 100 acres to play on, we offer a thrilling mix of outdoor games and close quarters combat, so whether you enjoy an all-out sprayfest or prefer the tactical side of storm and conquer, we’ve got something to suit your needs.

Fife Wargames is owned by Oli Gage-Walker, an airsoft enthusiast who started his own site with friends close to home in the Summer of 2011. Little did he know how popular it would become and how much fun everyone would have. For a year Fife Wargames offered airsoft and paintball at the site in Crail, but we dropped paintball as it’s not as much fun and isn’t as good value, so we now dedicate our site exclusively to airsoft to make it the best site it can possibly be.

In December 2021 we said goodbye to our Crail site, and in March 2022 reopened at the new venue, Cairngreen Wood near Cupar.

– Fife Wargames.

Privacy policy – If you provide any personal details as part of your free UKARA registration, Fife Wargames Ltd will pass this information to UKARA, where it will be stored in their database and your email used only to inform you of your registration status.  If you have entered your details in the online shop (products or events tickets) we may contact you from time to time to inform you of new products or special offers. You may unsubscribe at any time. Want us to remove your details? No problem – just email [email protected] and ask us to forget all about you. (Details of previous orders will be kept for accountancy purposes; contact information will be deleted).

CCTV – In order to monitor the wildlife which may inhabit the woodlands at Cairngreen, CCTV cameras have been installed with permission of the landowner.  This footage is deleted within two weeks.
In some cases, footage may be kept as long as required if it assists with any wildlife reports or assists with any criminal investigations.

Our Friends – We buy some supplies from the following, and encourage you to take a look at: Torc Precision, Patrol Base, Land Warrior Airsoft, Zero One, Tectonic Innovations, SWATUK, Airsoft Direct and Airsoft World.


Site Rules (safety briefing).

Fife Wargames, Cairngreen, Cupar

Safety briefing – read out to all players before games begin.

Welcome to Fife Wargames, thank you for coming. We expect all players to show each other respect, both in games and between them, remember we’re all here to have fun.

Start Up:

Anyone not signed in – please do so immediately after this briefing.

We will split you into teams and give you an arm band, that will be your team until we tell you otherwise.

Please notify our First Aider if you have any medications – these must be carried in the top left hand pocket.

Please remember to take any rubbish home with you when you leave, and drive with respect for our neighbours.

Rifles & FPS Limits:

Any rifles not yet chronographed must be tested before they can be used.

1.13J or 350fps (0.2g) – any gun capable of fully automatic fire.  (311fps with 0.25g BB equivalent)

2.3J or 500fps – Single Shot with 25m engagement.  (445fps with 0.25g BB equivalent).

Player must be able to gauge 25 metres and should carry a side arm.

Gaming Area:

Watch your footing, look out for branches, tree roots and rabbit holes. Don’t climb trees during games.

Players should not chew, eat or smoke during games.

As with all areas in Scotland the public have a “right to responsible access”, if any member of the public is spotted in the gaming area, call “PUBLIC” and notify a member of the marshal team straight away.  If you hear this call, put your gun down immediately and stay where you are until the marshals tell you to continue with a call of ‘game on’.


Under 18s must wear a full face mask.
We recommend you wear a full face mask and can offer one if required.

Anyone who chooses not to wear a full face mask has waived their right to complain about head/face shots.  Keep your eye protection on AT ALL TIMES when not in the safe zone.

Glasses have to be suitable safety glasses, marshals may test these if they do not seem suitable.

For everyone’s safety, rifles must be set to safe and magazines must be removed from the rifle at the end of each game and in the safe zone.

Safety Calls:

“Man down” means someone has fallen and is in need of help. Stop playing and repeat the call.

“Burning” means something is on fire. Repeat the call and ensure a marshal has acknowledged the location.

“Public” means someone has entered the game arena. Stop playing, repeat the call, and take a knee.

Shooting in General:

Semi auto is always preferred.  Full auto is allowed, but only when you are a minimum of 10m from your target.

Only fire aimed shots – blind firing is dangerous.

Head shots should be avoided whenever possible, but they do still count.

It only takes one hit to kill someone, so please don’t pepper them even if they’re far away.

It is good conduct and good sportsmanship to apologise for any nippy shots you may have inflicted on a player.

Hit/Dead Rules:

All direct shots count, even friendly fire. If you shoot a member of your own team, you should take the hit- allow your team mate back into the game and take yourself to respawn.

When hit or blown up you must shout HIT, raise your hand and stand up. If you don’t shout loud enough then the person who killed you will probably shoot you again.

If your weapon is shot while slung, or held at rest then you are hit.
If your rifle is shot while you’re aiming you must shout GUN HIT, and stop using that weapon (until you next respawn). If you don’t have a side-arm then you are dead.

When we talk about medic rules, this means a dead player must stand where they were killed and wait to be medicced by a teammate putting a hand on their shoulder and counting to 10. If in the line of fire the medic may drag the casualty a couple of feet to cover.  If you or your casualty are shot during the process, you are both dead.

If moving around the site out of play please keep your hand raised.

Players cannot play dead or give the impression they are out of play to gain an advantage

Dead players don’t talk, other than to say they are dead, they must not give away any players position.

If you’re not taking hits, a marshal will speak to you, and perhaps ask you to remove a jacket or webbing.

Don’t shoot someone at point blank range; give them chance to surrender. If they don’t surrender and attempt to shoot you, THEN you may shoot them.
Knife kills – must use rubber knife or the palm of your hand. Place your hand on the person’s shoulder and tap them with the flat part of the blade while whispering ‘knife kill’.  If someone performs a knife kill on you, raise your hand silently.
Lasers are not permitted.


Marshals will be in game, wearing high-vis vests. The marshals are: (introduce marshals)

Marshals will fire honesty shots at random to test players, if a player is tested and takes the hit they will be allowed straight back into the game.

If the player fails the test the marshal will speak to the player about why they failed, and test them again at a later point.

Cheating and cheat calling are equally unacceptable. If you have a problem with a player you must speak to a marshal.

Players must not argue with marshals, we are here to direct gameplay and ensure safety.

Players who conduct themselves in a unsafe manner may be ejected from the site.


Only over 18’s can use/purchase pyro. Anything that goes bang has a 5m line of site kill radius.
When throwing a smoke grenade or pyro, please ensure a marshal is aware of where it lands.  If any foliage catches fire, shout “burning”, and attempt to put it out before it can spread.

Only approved pyrotechnics can be used on our site, if you are in doubt to what is approved, check with our staff.

Leather gloves are recommended when using pyro to avoid burns.

Please recover as much spent pyro as you can see after/during a game; we aim to leave the woods free of any litter.

Some players may be using blank firing grenades, please don’t move any that you come across, players are responsible for keeping track of their own and Fife Wargames can take no responsibility if you lose anything.

Pictures & Video:

FWG may use pictures and video from game days, if you do not wish to be photographed or videoed, please tell us.

These rules are here to keep everyone safe and make sure we all have a good time, and all of what I’ve just said can be summarised by three basic rules –

Play honourably.  Play safely.  Don’t be a dick.

BB WeightFull Auto (1.13J)Single Shot



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Account Terms

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We will only pay commissions on links that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems. We will not pay commissions if someone says they purchased or someone says they entered a referral code if it was not tracked by our system. We can only pay commissions on business generated through properly formatted special links that were automatically tracked by our systems.

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Identifying yourself as a Fife Wargames Airsoft Affiliate

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